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How Mathematics Is Evident In Children's Everyday Lives

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How Mathematics Is Evident In Children's Everyday Lives

Studies have shown that early mathematics skills are being used by children throughout their activities, daily routines, and experiences whether at home at school. For example, doing their routine work such as taking a nap, getting ready for school on time, sharing things with siblings, and going on shopping with their parents are all their maths learning opportunities.

Mathematics will help children to think correctly about the many aspects of their life and enrich their overall development and learning. You can help your child by making connections between the math in their everyday routine and the things that they learn in school.

Mathematics is Everywhere

Maths is a crucial part and plays a major role in every child's development and help them to make sense of the world around them. Children between the age group of one to five are beginning to explore shapes, patterns, count objects, and compare sizes.

On the other hand, when it comes to preschool children, they use plenty of different methods to solve their problems and talk about their new experiences. Mathematics play is proof in pretend play, literacy play, block play, science play, and outer play.

Great Role of the Adult

Teachers and parents play a vital role in influencing children and being a role model in their life. But is only possible by providing them opportunities to learn and develop new skills. Being an adult, you should allow them to direct their own play and give full support to them by extending or enhancing their play. Your children need chances to;

  1. Solve their own problems 
  2. Use several skills and concepts to explore
  3. Discover new things and create ideas
  4. Increase confidence in their ability

Final Words

There are several different ways to keep your children thinking about mathematics such as- stargazing, board games, and stickers. But the essential part is encouragement, you must encourage your child to see the numbers all around us and ask them about it in a fun way.

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